Sunday, October 24, 2010

14 months!

T, you are 14 months old!  Where does the time go???
~ you weigh 23 pounds
~ you wear size 4 diapers (for volume not girth!)
~ you wear 12 month and 18 month clothes, but the 18 month is a little big.
~ you've been teething like crazy... not a happy time at all.  your last 1 yr molar finally broke through this weekend.  you have 12 teeth and are working on your cuspids.
~ you are a great eater!  you LOVE mac and cheese and yogurt!  you want to feed yourself with the spoon or fork.
~ you say: momma, daddy, sout (scout), da (dog), no, wook (look), hello
~ you know the answer to: what does a dog say? woof, what does a cow say? moo
~ you LOVE to be outside.  you take off running when the door opens and get so upset if we don't let you go out.  I think swinging is your favorite, but playing in the little car or wagon is a very close second.
~ if I ask you for a kiss, you'll lean in to me and let me kiss your cheek.  it's a super special day when you lean in and kiss me.
~ we say "God is great" every night before dinner. you've caught on so quickly!  as soon as you're in your high chair, you clasp your little hands together waiting for us to start the prayer.  you love it so much that you'll take a few bites, clasp your hands, and look at us like, ok. it's time.  some nights we pray 5 or 6 times!