Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 months old!

Little Miss, you are 3 months old!

~ you weigh almost 13 pounds
~ you've moved into size 1-2 diapers
~ your sleeves are getting too short on your 3 month clothes... you are a long baby!
~ you are so smily and fun!
~ you love for people to talk to you and you talk back with such gusto!
~ you go to bed for the night around 10, and still get up several times a night, but are a much better sleeper than Miss Priss (thank you!)
~ you're trying so hard to roll over

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Flip Flopz

I've been an admirer of My Flip Flopz's work for quite some time. She has a fantastic blog (such gorgeous photos) and an equally fab etsy shop!
I convo'd Susie on Thursday to see if she could do a custom sign for me. She sent me a picture this morning and it's shipping out tomorrow! How's that for service?!! I sent her a picture of Little Miss' bumper fabric and the verse and this is what she came up with!!
How gorgeous is it?? I'm so in love! It's 18x18 and will go perfectly in her room!
And to quote Susie, "...Every now and then I make one that far exceeds what I could have ever pictured. This is by far my favorite and it wouldn't have been near as special without such a great scripture on it! I think it should blend well into your room! It will be tough to hand it over to Clif at the post office and let it go - it really is one if its kind! "
PLEASE go visit Susie and enjoy all the Southern goodness she has to offer!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Our new home!

We've only been living with my parents for 2 weeks, but we are so excited we found a house! We're resending the offer on the short sale and close on this home in a month! This house has everything I was wanting (except a media/game room): 1 story, hardwoods, granite, large living room, large yard (almost half an acre), oversized master shower, cul-de-sac, 3 car garage and "extra" touches!

built in desk by the girls' and guest rooms

kitchen (with double ovens!) and breakfast nook

living room
looking out the back door
side view (we negotiated to keep the swing set... Miss Priss will be thrilled!)
Let the shopping begin! I need rugs desperately, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!


Miss Priss: "Momma! White broken."
Me: "No darlin', you're just coloring on white paper. It won't show up unless we get some dark paper."
Miss Priss: "No. It's broken."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well, it was bound to happen one of these days... Miss Priss found Aya's lipstick and decided to put it on!