Saturday, April 24, 2010

8 months!

Little Miss, you are 8 months old!
~ you wear a size 3 diaper during the day and a size 4 at night.
~ you wear size 6 month, 6-9 month, and 9 month clothes.
~ you are waking up once during the night... I think your teeth are hurting. (note the drool string)
~ you're crawling on all fours and have abandoned the army crawl.
~ you are more confident when cruising the furniture. you hold on with 1 hand and sometimes it just a few fingers. you like to let go, but fall on your bottom.
~ you'll walk if we hold your fingers.
~ you are a drama queen when you fall and bump your head. you cry like nobody's business, but are easily comforted.
~ you've started squealing really loudly. I think you're just trying to make sure we hear you over sister!
~ you're blowing raspberries at me, on me, on the table, basically wherever you can get your little mouth.
~ you are a momma's girl! I'm not complaining at all, and I LOVE when you reach for me. I see this look of just complete adoration in your eyes.
You are more of a blessing to me than you could ever imagine! I love you so much and can't wait to see the little girl you're growing in to.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coffee Table Redo

I've been on the hunt for a new coffee table to replace the upholstered ottoman LC built a few years ago. I really wanted a round one, but when I saw this for $30, I couldn't pass it up. It's HUGE! 3 ft by 4 ft!!

(owner's picture)

When we moved, Pottery Barn sent a coupon for PB and a coupon for 2 free pint samples (any color) at Benjamin Moore. I had the paint guy mix up Wedgewood Gray for one of them. I sanded the table, rolled on a few coats and poly'd the top. LOVE it!!

Yes, I know I need a rug... desperately... but I can't find anything I'm totally in love with that isn't a bazillion dollars!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


The Easter Bunny visited before we went to church! The girls each got a pair of jammies, an outfit, and the annual swim suit! Miss Priss also got a pair of sandals, a truck, a slinky (that was in sister's basket to make it look a little more even) and a small pack of Skittles.

Our church had an egg hunt before the service. LC stayed home with T while she napped and then met us there. Luckily they split it into age groups, so the little ones had a chance to fill their baskets! Miss Priss is patiently waiting for them to start.
And they're off!
I think she picked up all the eggs in this corner... way more eggs than little ones.
After church we came home and tried to take some pictures of the girls together. Miss Priss did not want to sit nicely with sister and proceeded to throw a fit!
I love the look on T's face... like she's thinking, "are you kidding me? P, you're being ridiculous!"