Tuesday, April 10, 2007

16 weeks 5 days

4th doctors appointment today! Dr F found the heartbeat with no problems - yay. She said everything looks great. I'd been having some pain in my abdomen that still hasn't gone away. She said to take it easy, but if it gets worse or doesn't go away to call her..... I think it's just my body getting ready for a growth spurt from Baby Chamblee.

After some discussion, Lane and I decided to go ahead with the quad screen. We were both undecided about this test based on all the false positives we've read about. Some good friends had a scary few weeks because of this test and now they have a healthy, happy 15 month old baby girl! Now it's just a waiting game to get the results back. Say a prayer for us that everything comes out within normal range.

The big ultrasound is scheduled for May 8!!! We FINALLY get to find out if its pink or blue. I'm so excited and hope these next 4 weeks fly by.

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michelle roos said...

What is a quad screen?