Monday, August 13, 2007

Payton's room

Payton's room is finished! We decided not to paint since we're not entirely sure how much longer we'll be in this house and I had no idea what color to even paint the walls since there's so much color going on in everything else!

view from the doorway

close up of the wall hanging... my favorite part of the room... besides the rocker!

the onesie on the changing pad is embroidered in pink "Miss September"... hopefully it will fit her so she can wear it coming home from the hospital.

close up of the Pottery Barn Kids bumper Lane picked out

Payton's already overflowing closet... the sad part is she has a 6 drawer dresser that's just as full

And for fun... me today... at 34 weeks 3 days... I feel like a freaking house, but why does my belly look smaller than last week??

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YaYa said...

Now you just need a baby to go in that adorable room! I'm sorry to admit that I was a large contributor to the stuffiness in the closet and dresser drawer's. But...that's what YaYa's do! Can't wait for our "Miss September"!