Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rocky Top Tennessee

I'm currently in Tennessee with my mom, helping my sister move back to Ft Campbell AND getting to experience Michael's homecoming from his second tour in Iraq. We left on Sunday morning, stopped overnight in Jackson, TN and made it to Clarksville yesterday afternoon. We've unloaded the 3 cars we drove down, and helped Allie unpack as much as we can without knowing where she wants everything.

Payton is home with Daddy and my mother in law. I'm missing her like crazy and trying not to cry every time I think about her.

These are from Michael's R&R in May. Michael is smitten with his niece and P LOVES her uncle Michael. He's super bummed Payton isn't here for homecoming.

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YaYa said...

Can you believe how much P has changed in just 6 months time? She was barely cruising when these pictures were taken...Michael will have his hands full chasing her up the stairs the next time he sees her! (Which better be SOON Auntie Allie and Uncle Michael ~ we miss you terribly already!)