Thursday, September 13, 2007

39 weeks

Just wanted to let yall know... I was able to move my doctor's appointment up to today just so we could give Lane some notice if there was major progress.

I'm a "good 3cm" dilated and the OB said is just a waiting game at this point. She said that the best way to keep Payton in for as long as possible is to lay on my left side and drink lots of water and DON'T walk! Thank goodness my parents are here and that my mom doesn't work... otherwise I'd be going crazy.

I'm hoping to talk to Lane before he leaves for the visitation and tell him I need him to come back either very late Friday night or early Saturday morning. Just continue to keep the Chamblee family in your prayers - I think it's going to really hit them at the visitation tonight and also keep praying that I won't go into labor until Lane is able to fulfill his family obligations and then get home to us.

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