Friday, July 24, 2009

Teagan's Pink and Orange Sprinkle

I am so blessed to have the best friends ever! Elaine and Kristin threw a GORGEOUS pink and orange sprinkle for me last weekend (33 weeks).

4 generations... Aya, me/Teagan, and Nonnie

My friend Carole. She's due on the 31st with baby Charlotte. Yes, my belly is bigger than Carole's and she's 4 weeks ahead of me! Carole is so sweet and says it's because she's taller and carries closer to her body.

The Kappas minus Parra... It's so crazy to think I've been friends with these amazing ladies for almost 10 years!!

The drink set up. Mimosas and a yummy pink punch.

The food... baked brie, mini quiche, strudel bites, and fruit salad

The sweet cravings table!

Kristin made those adorable onesies on the clothes line.

Big and Little Sister tees from Aya.

The cutest tooth fairy pillows from the Barkleys. Mere always finds!

Teagan's first bathing suit from Nonnie and Deeda. They gave P her first suit too. My kiddos are destined to be water babies.


Carole said...

It was a beautiful shower! So much fun! I can't believe how swollen my face is in pictures b/c I feel like it doesn't look that way in the mirror at all! Your face looks great, though!:)

Kari said...

Beautiful. How fun. This is the first time I heard the second baby shower called a Sprinkle. Wish I would have known we could have used proper etiquette with mine. Looks like you had a good time.