Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Parties!

Kelly turned her home tour into a tour of children's birthday parties this week!

I didn't participate in the tour of homes because I feel like my house isn't really my house right now... it's been totally depersonalized and personalization is what makes a home, in my humble opinion.

Miss Priss's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching and I need to figure out what we're doing, so it can be ready to go before Baby Sister arrives. I have the challenge of wanting to do something amazing like her 1st birthday, but having a 2ish week old thrown in the mix.

Here's a peak at P's first birthday.... a ONE-ders of the Sea themed party. Yes, it was in our backyard, but we had about 50 people over and it was a blast!

LC and I agree that home parties are the way to go until our kiddos can tell us otherwise.... and even then they might have to just deal with it!

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