Friday, September 26, 2008

ONE-ders of the Sea!

It was a little warmer than forecasted but it was still a great party!

The food was set up along the bar in the kitchen. Allie and I came up with cute names for the different dishes, and I made little cards with the details.
The menu:
octopus stew (bbq weenies) (cocktail weenie with the bottom cut twice. when you boil them, it curls up, making them look like little octopi)
sea snails (deli rollups)
clam shells (chicken salad croissants)
sand bar shrimp (shrimp cocktail)
raspberry coral (raspotle and cream cheese)
sand dollars (chips and crackers)
crab claws (red apple slices with apple dip)
crustacean crudites (veggie platter)
blue kool-aid
sweet tea
Malibu with pineapple juice (mommy juice)
The cupcakes with under the sea picks were set up on sand colored tulle to make The Desserted Island (kitchen table). The frame is my Mother's Day present... (Lane ordered all the pictures and filled it until May)... pictures of P from every month!

Lane's air compressor wasn't working, so they had to blow up the small pools by hand.

We put the small pools and chairs under the awesome tent (thanks Doug and Mere!) so the little ones could play in the shade.

We borrowed the huge slide from Lane's sister. It was a hit with all the kiddos!!!

I also made apple juice pops with gummy worms... once they were frozen and turned up, they looked like little jellyfish!


YaYa said...

You and Allie did a great job on Miss P's first birthday party. However, you forgot two of my favorite things: blue Kool-Aid and the infamous octopi stew!

Carole said...

It looks and sounds soooo cute! You're such a good mommy! I'm so sad we couldn't make it:( I"m glad miss P had a good party!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you need to start a party-planning business!! That was awesome!!

Kari said...

Fun, Fun, Fun. I loved it all.l You did an awesome job.

Creative Minds said...

The fishies are so cute!

mel said...

SO cute! This is actaully one of the ideas I am thinking about using for my youngest daughter's 1st bday in September! Loved all the details!

Brandi said...

Cute! I love the menu you planned. :)