Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The Lawyer's Wife is hosting a WICKED swap and here are my answers to some get to know you questions

Do you have any hobbies? shopping, reading, spending time with Lane and Payton

Do you enjoy crafting? I think it depends on what I'm crafting. I love being creative and I'd say I enjoy classy crafting.

5 Favorite things you can’t live without. Aside from the obvious answer of Payton, Lane, and my family...hot tea, lip gloss, candles, cozy pjs, sunglasses

Do you collect anything? shoes, lip gloss, house ideas

Do you have any children or pets? Payton who is almost 1 and Scout the yellow lab

Favorite things to do in the fall. Wear sweaters, jeans, and boots, take walks, watch a little bit of college football, sleep with the windows open

What makes you think of fall? the crisp in the air, pumpkin spice, leaves changing colors

Favorite treats? candy corn, spiced cider

Favorite color combo. pink and green or brown, navy and green

Favorite autumn scent? Pumpkin!

Monogram. cCr

Hope that helps!

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