Monday, April 21, 2008


Where is your cell phone? on the counter

Your significant other? on his way to work

Your hair? in a ponytail

Your mother? at home

Your father? at work I'm sure

Your favorite thing? Mommy answer: Miss Priss, non-Mommy answer: sitting on the patio in the sun, with a nice breeze drinking something yummy

Your dream last night? Something about elections

Your favorite drink? iced tea

Your dream/goal? I'm living it! I get to stay home with my gorgeous baby! I hope and pray that I can raise my children to be amazing, thoughtful, happy, God loving individuals.

The room you’re in? living room

Your ex? I have no idea...

Your fear? something happening to someone I love

Where do you want to be in 6 years? the beach? Who knows... P will be about to start kindergarten so I'm sure we'll be living somewhere else, probably in a different house then the one we're buying this summer

Where were you last night? at home with LC and P

What you’re not? rested

Muffins? blueberry, but I don't eat them... trying to get swimsuit ready

One of your wish list items? new diamond studs (LC, are you reading? Mother's Day is May 12)

Where you grew up? Lonestar State

The last thing you did? put P down for her morning nap

What are you wearing? light blue tank, light blue pj pants with little whales on them

Your TV? which one? living room and bedroom... we moved the one out of the guest bedroom since the house is on the market

Your pets? sleeping on the couch next to me

Your computer? in my lap

Your life? a fun ride!

Your mood? good

Missing someone? yes

Your car? Murano in the garage

Something you’re not wearing? makeup

Favorite store? Super Target or Nordstrom

Your summer? pool and beach

Like someone? tons

Your favorite color? pink

When is the last time you laughed? yesterday afternoon

Last time you cried? last week

Who will repost this? who knows??

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