Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Sleep For You!

This past week, Payton had issues staying asleep once we put her down for the night. I attributed it to a growth spurt since her eating was all over the place. Monday she only had 2 bottles (I kept offering it to her and she didn't ever want it) and a half a jar of baby food. Tuesday, she was eating nonstop to make up for it.

Lane left on Wednesday for Talladega (Nascar race). P and I came to stay with my parents so I would have a little back up, plus I love spending time with my parents and sister. Wednesday night she slept ok... waking 3 times. Thursday night was AWFUL! I put her to bed at 7 (normal time). She was up at 11:00, 12:30...was up playing and laughing until 3:00, and then up for the day at 6:15. Friday night she was up 4 times.

We ended up going to the pediatrician yesterday... P had green snot and was just not herself (see above!). Turns out she has an ear infection, so we have ear drops and antibiotic. Last night she didn't go to bed until midnight (crying and was basically inconsolable) and was up almost every 30 minutes. Hopefully today she'll have some good naps and then sleep better tonight.

Why do the daddy's always miss stuff like this?


Jenn said...

Soooooooo sorry! I hate when they don't feel well. We missed you in church today, but totally understand going to be with your mom. Catch up later? Love!

Anonymous said...

This too shall pass my friend!! You will sleep through the night again, I promise!! I used to hate it when people would say this - but it's so true - cherish the moments of holding her, she'll be big before you know it!! I am so sorry...and I'll keep ya'll in my prayers!