Monday, April 14, 2008

Toto, We're not in Kansas Anymore...

Nope, we're in Texas... in the spring... and you know what that means... weather advisories, storms, and tornadoes.

Thursday morning about 4 am, LC woke up because of the terrible thunderstorm. I woke up for a split second when he turned on the tv and saw lots of red on the map. I fell right back to sleep and the next thing I know, LC is telling me that we need to get downstairs, NOW. I jumped out of bed, ran to P's room and paused for a second to look at her angelic face. Poor baby didn't know what to think when I got her out of bed so early! I grabbed some diapers and we huddled in the downstairs bathroom for about 10 or 15 minutes. True to her easy going personality, she spent the time smiling and talking to me and Scout.

While we were cooking dinner at church on Wednesday night, Jen, Jenni and I were talking about the weather and how we could download something to our phones that would alert us to watches and warnings in our area. A good thing to have if the power went out. When I saw the "rotation" heading toward town I texted Jenni. She replied that she couldn't find the weather anywhere. Not even thinking their power could be out (and in my defense it was super early) I thought, "well just turn on the tv to any local station"! The tornado passed us and was headed right for Momma and Daddy's house. Knowing that they probably weren't up, I decided to call them. I'm sure Mom thought something terrible happened when she saw my number on the caller id. Thankfully the storms passed and no one had any damage to their homes.

This was the second time in 2 weeks that we'd been in the bathroom (the first time I was home with P and Scout by myself... scary!). Yesterday, I made an emergency kit and picked up the closet that's under the stairs. I feel a tad more prepared for middle of the night tornadoes.

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