Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

For the second year, we spent NYE with the Renfrow family. This year, we decided to just spend the night so Payton could go to sleep and we wouldn't have to wake her up to go home.
Me, Grant, Payton, and Reese.... Payton and Reese were clearly too preoccupied to take a picture with me.
Playing kitchen in her jammies... she looks tired huh?
After the kiddos went to bed, Jeff and Lane built a fire in the outdoor fire place. We roasted a few marshmallows, but were freezing our hineys off so it was short lived.
While waiting for midnight, we played Partini. Lane was having a little too much fun with the molding clay... the champagne probably contributed to acting like an 8th grader.
It was girls against boys... Too bad they won this bouncer challenge.

For a clay challenge, you had to mold "Things found in a vending machine". Here, they're showing me how they would've molded "condom". Told you they were in 8th grade.... look how serious they are about it!
Mime challenge

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