Sunday, January 11, 2009

Photo Poll Glitch

Apparently, there was a glitch with the poll system the photographer used. I know Nonnie, Elaine and I all got a message on Thursday that said we couldn't vote again for 24 hrs and that would be Sunday at 9 pm or something crazy like that. After it happened again yesterday, I emailed Kristie and asked her if she knew anything about this. She looked into it, and there were major problems... a grandma's vote was being cast for the competition... can you imagine! I think was why the Kissing Kitchens went up to over 600 votes in a 12 hour period.

After a few back and forth emails, I half jokingly said, well, I think we should all win ;) And guess what? " will ALL be rewarded. This is the part where you start cheering. You will each receive 50% off your next session with me AND a 16X20 print of this image, lustre coated and mounted on styrene. No, it's not the canvas. But,it's pretty darn close and gives you another session to capture your family's special memories."

I'm so glad my competitive nature got the best of me.... otherwise, she wouldn't have known and those Kissing Kitchens would be the proud owners of a gallery wrapped canvas.

So, thank you all so very much for stepping in at the last possible second to help us win. Y'all are amazing and don't ever hesitate to send us something to vote for!

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