Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day = Fun Day!

Last night and into this morning, the weather was nasty. We woke up to a solid sheet of ice and temperatures in the teens with windchills in the single digits. Nothing that would qualify for a snow day up north, but by Texas standards, it definitely was. Lane decided not to risk the 45 minute drive to work and stayed home with us!! It's been such a great day!

LC made us pancakes for breakfast.

We all snuggled in the living room with the fireplace roaring.

We played and played and played... thank goodness the swing set is still in the living room.

LC and I had chili for lunch... the perfect cold weather food... yum!

The 3 of us took amazing naps! P for 3 hours and LC and I about 2 hours.

P and I haven't gotten out of our pjs all day!

The temps have risen above freezing and everything is melting away. It should be a low key evening and tomorrow will be back to normal.

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