Saturday, March 7, 2009


Our realtor is coming tomorrow to photograph the house, take measurements, and have us officially sign the papers to list our home.

LC and I still had a ton of stuff to do, so my dear, sweet, lifesaving parents offered to take P to their house for the afternoon. I seriously have the best parents in the world! We're so blessed to have them close and WILLING to take P!

In less than 3 hours, the yard has been scalped (LC found a crew in our neighborhood to do it today!), the carpets have been cleaned, toys have been organized, laundry has been started and our shower has been recaulked.

Aside from a few accessorizing issues I'm having, we're ready for photos!! Elaine, Mr Fix-It, and the kiddos are stopping by tomorrow before pictures to see what solutions they can offer. If you live in our area and want to stop by to offer your opinion, please do so! I don't want to spend any money, so I'm shopping our house and trying different things in different places. The problem is I don't like what I'm coming up with... I think I'm too close to the issue!

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YaYa said...

Sissy, I think you've got it backwards. WE feel blessed to have P in our lives and to have the opportunity to see her as often as we do. Thank YOU for sharing that precious baby girl with us. I've got prayers going up that the house sells quickly and you three (almost four!) find the perfect new home before Baby Brother/Sister gets here!