Monday, March 9, 2009

Say Cheese!

My camera (damn Amazon for lowering the price less than a week after I bought it!) came on Thursday! I'm so excited!! Elaine and I are looking for a photography class to hone our skills, but need something that's not a huge time commitment.

I'm looking for a cute camera bag, but it seems like the bigger the camera, the uglier the bag. I looked on etsy and found a few cute ones, but they're over $80.... yikes!


gamma said...

Amazon should give you a refund if you bought it from there. They always do it for me.

Sasha said...

Amazon changed their policy on price adjustments in 08- but you should call and pretend you don't know that- maybe you will get a super nice CS rep who will adjust it anyway!

What kind of a camera did you get?

gamma said...

That is weird because they email all the time with price adjustments and credit my bank account.