Friday, April 17, 2009

20 weeks

Half way there! I can't believe it!!

Yesterday was the BIG ultrasound... you know the one where they tell you the gender of the baby, if you want to know (YES PLEASE!), plus take a whole lot of measurements. Well, Baby C was being completely stubborn (wonder what parent he/she got that from? oh, both of them. ok!) and the sonographer couldn't get a look at parts or the lack of them.

I jokingly told the doctor that he needed to order another sonogram so we could find out. Turns out, there's an echogenic foci on the baby's heart. My wonderful OB isn't too concerned...said that they find this on a semi-regular basis and just wants me to have a level 2 sonogram with a perinatalogist. My appointment is today at 1:30.

After doing some research, I'm not too worried about this. The echogenic foci use to be (mid-90's) a soft marker for Downs. Currently, it's not considered a marker at all and my quad screen came back completely normal (no elevated levels for Downs, etc...).

However, I think when there's anything questionable on an ultrasound/prenatal test, your Momma Brain automatically goes into overdrive.... and it doesn't help that I read blogs that are stories of medical issues in babies, like Stellan, April, Harper, etc...

One thing I do know is God is definitely using this pregnancy to make me lean on Him and grow in my faith.

I would love your prayers/good thoughts... that everything is totally fine AND that Baby will show the goods, so this momma can start planning and decorating!!

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