Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Week!

I know y'all are dying to see pictures of Miss P in all her Easter finery, well YaYa and Nonnie are, but that post will have to wait until I have time to upload the 5 zillion pictures... hopefully during nap time. There's a few really cute ones of us dying Easter eggs, but I need to blur some of my pregnancy induced cleavage out.

But until that cuteness is posted, here's a run down of our week ahead. Keep in mind that my wonderful husband also volunteered me to embroider 80 koozies for the 6th annual Barkley Boil by Saturday afternoon. And that P isn't in Mom's Day Out 2 days a week based on her pediatrician wanting to get her immune system completely healthy.

Monday - Kappa meeting in Denton at 6:30. Leave the house no later than 5:45.
Tuesday - LC has a business dinner so it's solo parenting all day, read: embroidering only during nap time and after P goes down for the night.
Wednesday - P has a follow up ENT appointment at 8:50. I have my first prenatal yoga class at 6:30.
Thursday - BIG ultrasound at 9:30!!!
Friday - story time at the library?
Saturday - I would love to go to the little gathering my friend Tammi is having at 11. Barkley Boil officially starts at 3, but we get there early to help with set up, food prep.

Ok - P just woke up! Time to start our day!

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