Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kappa Easter Egg Hunt!

Last night Miss Priss and I headed to Denton for the 5th annual Kappa Easter Egg Hunt. A few years ago they added a petting zoo and it was a hit with all the kiddos... except Hunter ;)

Giving all her food to the guinea pigs and wanting them to DO something!
They were too busy sleeping, so she scooped the food back up to try again.

Ok, if you're not going to eat, then I'll just pet you.
Chasing down a rabbit that didn't want to be caught.
Admiring the chicks and ducklings
Oooooooh! Ducks! (This is a favorite face for P to make)
Egg hunt time!

Hunter and Payton.... not wanting to look at me or each other!

My how times have changed. It's been almost 10! years since I met these girls! Instead of Kappa meetings, events, and RBar, it's marriage, diapers, and breast feeding.

Parra with Hayzen - 5 months, Carole (23 weeks pg) with Hunter - 2 yrs, me (19 weeks pg) with Payton - 18 months, Erin with Tatum - 2 weeks! and Nolan - 2 years


YaYa said...

Where has the time gone??? How wonderful seeing you all together again! Did ya'll teach P a KKG song in preparation for 2025?

Carole said...

Hey! It really, really did have so much fun hanging out with you! It's been way too long! I hope we can see each other again very soon:)

P look so cute with all of the animals!