Saturday, May 16, 2009


This morning Elaine and I went to the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash. We were 2 of the first 50 and landed a nice little swag bag!

As we were waiting for it to "open", LC called and asked if I'd like to hear a funny story. Thinking it was something about Miss Priss, I said of course! He'd taken P and Scout to Petsmart to get them both out of the house while it was shown. They made it to see the fish, the cats and were on their way to see the dogs at the pet hotel and a lady stopped LC to tell him Scout was bleeding. A trip to the Petsmart vet and $150 later, Scout has a lampshade and his foot all bandaged up. It seriously never ends with this dog!! I love him, but not what he does to our bank account on a semi-regular basis!

LC's caption to this photo: "This what happens when courtney leaves me in charge on Saturdays!"

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