Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big B

Last week, P, Aya and I headed south for Josh's graduation... Well, Aya for graduation, P and I just to visit since graduation didn't start until 8 (bedtime).

Wednesday night we went to dinner with Nonnie, Deeda, Tod, Josh, and Josh's girlfriend Jinah. Deeda was poured the fullest glass of wine I've ever seen poured at a restaurant!

I'm sure I'll be getting this look a lot when she's a teenager!

Running around with her favorite coasters

Putting "bebe" night night

and then laying down with her.

Helping Nonnie and Aya go through the cabinets... Nonnie and Deeda are moving soon.

Watering the ferns

and the grass

and trying to water Momma!

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