Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Recap!

Today was a BUSY day... though it seems like every day in our house is a busy day!

This morning we headed to a wildlife preserve knowing P would LOVE it! And LOVE it she did!

She was thrilled to be on a "choo choo".

Watching the Clydesdales

A zonkey (zebra and donkey)... Check out the stripes on his legs!!

The camels LOVED LC! And now, you can ask P what a camel does and she'll chew like they were... so cute!

After petting the meerkat
Petting the 3 month old kangaroo
Such a sweet Daddy to smoosh himself in the barrel so P could ride on the choo choo!
After our time with the animals, we ran over to LC's business partner's house so P could ride on the company's Razr.
She's great at steering to the right... not so great when you're the passenger ;)
Momma got to drive in the back pasture
This evening, we went to Simply Fondue with the Semi-Homemades to celebrate my birthday a few days early. We decided to do two cheeses.... cheddar and pepperjack... and chocolate. Best decision ever! It was delicious and no one missed the meat course.
(Why do we always forget the camera and end up having to use our phones?)

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Happy Birthday!