Monday, June 22, 2009

Milestone Weekend

Thursday I celebrated my 28th birthday! P and I treated ourselves to donuts before the last swim lesson. We'd celebrated with the Semi-Homemades the Saturday before, so I wasn't expecting anything from LC. He walked in with this huge box from Sprinkles. A dozen assorted cupcakes. These aren't just any cupcakes.... these are super popular, super expensive (almost $50 for 12), and pretty dang good.

Miss Priss had to sample the icing... which elicited an "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm"!

Saturday morning we dropped Scout off and headed to Belton for my 10 yr high school reunion. Aya and Da came down as well, so P stayed with Nonnie, Deeda, Aya, and Da... She had a ball doing just about anything she wanted while LC and I went to the dinner.

(29.5 weeks in this pic.... I don't feel like I look this big! Lord help me with the next 10ish weeks)

I honestly can't believe I'm 28, have been out of high school for 10 years, will have pledged Kappa 10 years ago this August, have been married for 3 1/2 years, have an almost 2 year old and about to have another little girl. Sometimes I think I can't be old enough to be doing "this".... the grown up life I so desperately wanted at such a young age.... a mortgage, being married, having children, worrying about raising said children "right", and trying to be my own person in the middle of it all. But I am, and I think I'm doing a pretty decent job, but time keeps flying by!


Sasha said...

I have ALWAYS wanted a Sprinkles cupcake.... those look so good! Maybe OK will get Sprinkles in about 10 years!

Carole said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm glad you has a good time! Lane is such a good hubby for getting you sprinkles!