Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Walk the Line

I wasn't able to get my run in yesterday since we went to BWW to watch the BCS Championship game with the Barkleys. I decided to take P and Scout for a walk before we dropped her off at Mom and Dad's. This was the first time I took them both and I know why it's taken almost 4 months!

The wind was blowing 800 miles an hour, Scout had the leash out as far as it would go and kept walking in front of the stroller. Since he was zig zagging, the leash would get caught in the wheel and I'd have to stop to untangle us so the stroller wouldn't flip. Since it was trash day and the wind was blowing so hard we were having to dodge recyclables like they were IEDs... It was truly a comedy of errors and Scout will not be joining us on any future walks unless Lane is with us!! Lane called while we were walking and said, "you're pushing the stroller, holding on to the leash, AND talking on the phone?" Yep! A multi-tasking, modern mom!

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Mandy Mae said...

i can see this in my head and it's hilarity. i needed the laugh, too. thanks!