Saturday, January 26, 2008

What a big girl...

When P was a newborn, she would only sleep on our chests. The pediatrician said we had to get her off our chests, so me being a new mom and trying to be gentle about the whole thing, thought we'd gradually get her to her crib. We successfully moved her off our chests, but she was still in bed with us. I swore I'd never co-sleep, but it's amazing how sleep deprivation will change your perspective. It was much easier nursing her in the middle of the night and what a great way to wake up... looking into your smiling baby's face!

We have some friends whose 3 year old is still in bed with them... I want P to be independent and don't want to have to lay with her at night to get her to sleep. Plus, it'll be much easier to find a babysitter since she won't have a crazy bedtime routine!!

We decided to transition her to her crib last night. 4 months is when our pediatrician says you can fuss/cry it out. She went down about 8:15... was up at 9:30, 11:15; 1:30, 3:30 and 7:45! Lane or I would go in after a few minutes to pat her and reassure her that she wasn't being abandoned (I think this was more for me). It took her, at most, 5 minutes to get herself back to sleep! I'm so encouraged by this. The only reason she woke up at 7:45 was because she leaked through her diaper.

She's now napping in her crib... another feat since she was either napping in her swing, carseat or on me during the day!

I told Lane I feel like she doesn't need me anymore..... But when I see her sleeping this peacefully, I'm ok with her not sleeping next to me!

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YaYa said...

You don't want to have to go to college with her so she'll sleep, do you??? She'll ALWAYS need you Sissy...just not in the same ways...