Thursday, August 14, 2008

6 Things!

My friend, Carole, tagged me. Here are the six quirkiest things about me. (Carole, we are seriously the same person what with our OCD, Type A, make a mess when we wash our face selves... remember that;))

1. I am a planner, type A, first born all the way... almost to the point of obsession. Like Carole, I started planning Payton's first birthday party when she was probably still considered a newborn. I will "research" things for months ahead of time to make sure I leave no stone unturned. I like to think of it as being prepared for the unexpected. I'm OCD about cleaning. I'm the one that has people over at her house and will do the dishes before they leave. I can't stand having dirty dishes in my sink or "stuff" on my counters. I married someone that I think truly doesn't see the pile of crap he just left on the bar. I hate clutter and being unorganized. I think I'm doing exceptionally well by only picking up P's toys once a day (after she goes to bed) instead of following behind her like I'd normally do... I save that for Lane (picking up behind him)!

2. When I'm feeling sad, mad, stressed, tired, whatever... I love to sit on the side of the bathtub and listen to the water and soak my feet. I don't get hot and sweaty and it's incredibly centering. The water has to be running though. It's the combination of temperature and white noise that I LOVE. Now, when I'm bathing P, I stick my feet in the tub with her and can truly focus on having fun with her (she loves to play in the running water and hear it too). And surprisingly, our water bill isn't that bad, but maybe it's the norm for our house.

3. I won't eat meat off a bone. Yes, I know that at some point that hamburger came off a bone, but I can't stand the thought of chewing on the membrane between the bone and the meat (ribs especially). And forget chicken... yuck! The tendons and weird stuff, no thanks. And no, I don't take the meat off the bone and then eat it either.... you still have to deal with the above mentioned membranes or tendons.

4. I love to "pick" at things. Popping pimples, peeling sunburns, picking ears, whatever. It's totally satisfying to get the gook of someone else (that I know). I do the same thing to myself all day.

5. I don't tweeze my eyebrows. I either have my sister do them, get them waxed or now threaded. For some reason, it doesn't hurt at all when someone else does them, but when I try to do it, it kills me!

6. I have buyer's remorse all the time and return things all the time.... I'm a professional. My mom is always so amazed at how I return things with no questions asked. The secret is, you don't have to come up with a story... just tell them you want to return it.

I tag:

ETA: Mandy posted that one of her quirks was not being able to slowly read a book. I can't do it either. If it's a good book, I'll stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning just to finish it. I guess we're just voracious readers! I hope to pass the love of reading on to P! Nothing's better than a book, some hot tea and a few little cookies!


Carole said...

We totally are the same person! I had forgotten all about the face washing mess, but still do it:)

I also love to pick at things and I start doing dishes before company leaves my house.:)

Let's hang out soon, because we're totally compatable so you know our kids will love each other too!

amanda said...

HAHAHa I love to pick at things too! I'm always picking things off my husband. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone with a black head and really had to restrain myself to refrain from popping it. i wouldn't really want to touch a stranger like that, but I just can't look at it. I really think they think they have a freckle or something. I've seen many on people's backs or in their ear...gross! I feel like it would be so satisfying to get rid of it!

I'm also famous for returning. On occasion, I may even wear something once and then return it. shh, don't tell.