Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Just wanted to let yall know Payton does have clothes! I promise!!

Looking at past posts, I realize she's either in her diaper or nekkid in the majority of them. For whatever reason, she seems to do all the cute stuff in the morning after I've taken off her jammies or at night after her bath. Since she eats dinner right before her bath, we usually just strip her down so I don't have to pretreat her clothes. And you say, "why don't you use a bib?", because Miss Priss likes to eat on her bib while she has food in her mouth so it defeats the purpose of said bib. And honestly, she prefers to not have clothes on! When she was a newborn, we could get her to stop fussing by undressing her and taking her diaper off. She's her mother's daughter all right. If you look at photos of me from birth to about 6, I'm rarely dressed.

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YaYa said...

I can vouch for that! I have a few I can send for you to post!