Tuesday, August 12, 2008

click, click, click

Ugh! What a night at the Chamblee house yesterday evening. I went to pick up Pei Wei for dinner, but stopped at Kirklands for a quick return. When I started my car, nothing except a horrible clicking noise. Ummm, my car is 2 years old... I don't think we're suppose to have problems just yet. I called Lane and was telling him what was going on and some super nice guy walked over and asked if I had jumper cables. He tried to jump it, but the only thing that happened was the clicking stopped... the car still wouldn't start. I thanked him profusely and called Lane again (I HATE being the damsel in distress!). P is in her big carseat now... in my car. Lane had to adjust and install the infant carrier and they were on their way. Apparently my jumper cables were crap...the ones Lane brought worked immediately. Thank goodness!! It's one thing to stay home on purpose, but there's something about not being able to go that gets me all stressed out.

Here's hoping it starts if/when P and I leave the house today.

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