Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

I finally took the time to get the Great Wolf Lodge pictures off E's Shutterfly (since I was a bad mom and forgot to pack our camera)... almost a month later!

We headed to Grapevine on a Friday afternoon to celebrate Miss Reese's 3rd birthday with a mini-vacation at Great Wolf Lodge.

Once we got settled in our suite with the R family, we ate dinner and then got the kiddos ready for the water! Aren't they so stinking cute??!!

They were troopers and played until 9 pm!

Then we got the kiddos jammies on and headed to story time at the clock tower.
After story time, we had cupcakes at 10 pm! E made dirt cupcakes with crushed oreos and worms to go along with the camping theme!

I couldn't resist snuggling with this sweet boy while his big sister opened her gifts! G-man was 5 months old in these pics! I just want to eat him up!!!

We woke up on Saturday, went to the breakfast buffet and then headed to the water park. P LOVED it even though we didn't leave until almost 3 (3 hours later than her nap time). She fell asleep as soon as we loaded her in the car!

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Carole said...

We love great wolf lodge! so much fun!