Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick and Tired

of being sick and tired.

UPDATE: P's left ear is now infected. The pediatrician used the words "severe bulging infection". She's on yet another antibiotic and has a referral to a pediatric ENT. The pedi also said that it was a very real possibility for one or both of P's eardrums to burst if we flew on Thursday, so we're postponing our trip to Alabama... which means I'm having to postpone a post for y'all.

I'm SO ready for my sweet baby girl to stop feeling and looking so miserable

and go back to her happy, darling self.

P has another ear infection, but this one is seeming to be resistant to the antibiotic the doctor put her on. She still has a green runny nose, which you'd think would at least be clear after being on antibiotics for 4 days. She's super congested and has a hacking cough. If things aren't better by this afternoon, we're headed to our pediatrician. We're suppose to leave for Birmingham on Thursday afternoon, but if she's not better, P and I will stay home.

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YaYa said...

Never mind the globs of green snot coming out of her nose, you can just look at her eyes and tell she feels like crap. Although I loved pseudo-rocking her those hours when her fever was so high early Saturday morning, I'm like you ~ it's time for this little one to start feeling normal again!