Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Itch I Can't Scratch

Ugh! I have a major urge to shop... for clothes, for shoes, for bedding, for house stuff, really for anything except groceries (since we actually need those). The problem is, I need to shop for some big ticket items that should take priority of my budget, but I need to save, save, save for them (there's actually money burning a whole in my pocket since I've started saving for the camera).... such as:
1. new lap top
2. new super-duper SLR camera
3. new house

clearly no instant gratification in the above list.

I must add... LC is self employed (and I stay home with P) and while I could go buy the above (with the exception of the house.. 2 mortgage payments is no bueno), I'm trying to recession proof our bank account just in case things head south in the future.

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