Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guess Who....

... was up at 5 AM? That would be Miss Priss!
... is completely exhausted and brought Miss P into bed with us in the hopes she'd go back to sleep? That would be me!
... thought it'd be super cute to pretend to sleep and then pop up and say "hi, hi, hi", "hi Daddy", or do a little growl at Scout? Yep, Miss P again... and while it was super cute, it did not help us go to sleep.
... is still going strong at 6:47 AM? Diddy Doo that's who! I really thought she'd be back in bed at about 6, but clearly that isn't going to happen. I'm sure she'll want to take an early nap right as the cleaning lady gets here or we have to leave to drop off her valentines and strawberries at school... for a party she doesn't even get to attend.

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