Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm working on a project for Christmas and hopped on my sister's myspace to see if she had any pics of P that I don't have in my files. I happened to see a blog post Allie wrote yesterday:

I Miss That Little One
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I love that kid so damn much! Ugh I hate that I'm not there. I've been with her since she was 2 weeks old. We were so close it was scary! It just breaks my heart that I can't see her when I need a Payton fix. If you're reading this Court, give Miss P a hug & kiss from me please.

Love ya'll,Auntie Allie

Tears are still dripping all over my keyboard!

Allie moved in with Momma and Daddy while Michael was in Iraq...2 weeks after Payton was born. I have no doubt that if Michael wasn't about to leave for 15 months, she would've been at the hospital when I had P.

I remember Allie was so nervous and scared to hold Payton the first time... she thought she was going to drop her! She was a pro in no time! Mom and Allie came over every week day for several, several months... literally my life line when I was dealing with post partum depression (thank you zoloft!).

Allie and Payton have an indescribable bond. I truly believe they are each other's best friend. I hate that I don't get to see Allison on a regular basis and it makes me so sad that Payton doesn't get to see her Auntie Allie at least once a week anymore. I'm SO ready for Allie and Michael to get here for the holidays! Only 10 more sleeps!!!

Halloween 2007. Allie could put P in the Bjorn and she'd be out in seconds!

Yum! Cheez-its.

Having so much fun together!

Absolute adoration for one another

So sad to leave.....

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YaYa said...

Thanks for making me cry....Allie misses her so much...

PS How many miles do you think the three of us walked with a Baby Bjorn strapped to our bodies???