Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas MeMe

1. Fresh Tree or Fake Tree: faux and prelit... it's just easier that way

2. Favorite Ornament: Right now it's the 2007 silver PBK frame with P's Christmas picture in it (you can see it in the picture above)... I'm sure next year it will be the 2008 ornament.

3. Favorite Christmas Song: There are too many to list! Silent Night, Oh Come All Ye Faithful... you know, the classics you sing at candle light service.

4. Favorite Tradition: Driving around looking at lights. Eating tamales on Christmas Eve (this started when my mom was a little girl). Lane and I are starting new traditions this year that I'm sure will quickly take over the favorite position.

5. Favorite Gift Ever Received: I'm sure every year I have a favorite, but one that totally stands out is getting Girbaud jeans in 7th grade. I coveted those jeans and I know it was a total sacrifice for me to get $80 jeans.

6. Favorite Christmas Meal: Tamales on Christmas Eve!

7. Favorite Christmas Cookie: Not a cookie, but Nonnie and Deeda's divinity candy... They've made it every year they've been married! This will be their 51st year to make it!!!

8. Favorite Place To Be: With Lane and Payton... and to be very selfish, with my family... Momma, Daddy, Allie, Michael, Nonnie, Deeda, Tod, Rod, and Josh.

9. Favorite Memory: Going to candle light service on Christmas Eve. It just solidifies what the whole season is about and just makes you feel all warm and cozy on the inside.

10. Favorite Christmas Movie: The classics... Rudolph, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated, not the one with Jim Carrey)

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