Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa - Take 1

Lane and I tried to take P to see Santa today. A local foo-foo children's boutique has a fantastic Santa and the photos are GORGEOUS! And an added bonus is there aren't the crazy lines like at the mall.

The photographer was reviewing pictures with another mom, but said we could bring P up to get acclimated with Ho Ho. Ummm, not so much! Lane sat next to Santa and P's eyes immediately filled with tears. I tried to hold her, but she still wasn't loving the man in the red suit. We're hoping this reaction was because she was tired and hungry and not because she's a typical toddler who freaks out over Santa ;) We're going to try again tomorrow after a nap and her class party.
Santa gave Payton a chocolate flavored candy cane to bribe her... didn't help her fall in love with Santa, but to say she enjoyed it is an understatement!

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