Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day!

Over the weekend we kept hearing threats of inclement weather coming sometime this week. Yesterday was just bloody cold, but it started sleeting/icing last night. This momma was praying for no precipitation (lots to do since Thursday is P's last MDO until January) while I'm sure all the area kiddos were praying for ICE!

Last night I checked P's Mom's Day Out handbook to see what school district they close with and found that it was 2 different districts. This morning I turned on the news and saw that one was delayed 2 hours and one was closed. Jenni texted me to say that MDO was delaying until 10:30... ok, I could handle that. I'd skip the Mom's lunch we'd planned, but I could still get done what I need to do. I was texting Jenni back when P's teacher called and said school was canceled.

This is what I saw out my front door... Looks like a cold, dreary day. The sidewalks were clear, the street looked fine.

A teeny bit of ice on L's truck.

Now, I'm not sure about y'all, but once I see the school I'm looking for, that's it... I'm done. Why would I keep watching to see if the school changed it's mind and closed? If the school is unsure, wait to make the announcement.

Can you imagine the cluster at the schools this morning? If you didn't keep watching the news or have a friend call you to tell you school was indeed canceled. And what a bummer if you got ready for school.... no school = SLEEP IN!!!

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