Thursday, June 19, 2008

9 month pro pics!

Today we took Payton for her 9 month pictures. Here's the "official" shot:

Mom wanted a picture of Payton in the blue dress she wore around 9 months and then I wore for my 9 month pictures.
Mom, circa 1959
Me, circa 1982

Payton Elizabeth, 2008
If you cover up the hair color, it's incredible how much the 3 of us look alike.


Kennedy Krew said...

She's SOOOO beautiful!!!

YaYa said...

Thanks for indulging my YaYa sentimentality once again! Even thought the white organza is now ivory, she looked adorable in my baby dress. PS: You should add Nonnie's baby picture ~ it would be even MORE incredible!

Tam said...

Come to find out, I wore that dress also... Talk about recycling!!! NEAT!
She's just too precious for words...