Thursday, June 19, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday! I guess I'm officially out of my mid-twenties.

The day started with bible study, P took a great nap when we got home and then it was out to lunch with two of my most favorite people, Jenni and Melissa, and their kiddos. I had a facial scheduled so Lane came home early to watch Payton. Once I got home, the three of us went to dinner.

I made a few comments about wanting a spa day and not knowing how much it cost so I wouldn't feel guilty about going. My wonderful husband totally came through! I have a full day at Cooper Spa!!! I can't wait to get it on the calendar.


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Courtney!

michelle roos said...

happy birthday!!
I will be in Puerta Villarta next week but the week after that, let's get together!!

Carole said...

Happy Birthday Courtney! I'm glad you had a great day:)