Monday, June 9, 2008


I'm sure yall have seen the Indian ladies in the malls with thread in their mouth and someone reclined in a chair. I was curious about the technique after reading several rave reviews on some message boards. My sister, the esthetician, told me it hurt terribly, left you red and was unsanitary. Since she's lived with Mom and Dad, she's been doing my monthly brow maintenance. When I asked her to tweeze my brows this week, she said she stopped taking appointments.

Mom and I were at the mall on Saturday and I thought, what the hell, why not? It wasn't that painful... it hurt less than waxing. I was barely pink and that was for just a few minutes. As for unsanitary, the tech wore gloves and the thread was in her mouth for tension... it was never near me. My brows look amazing! I use to pay $25 for sugaring and my eyebrows didn't look this good. For $10 and 3 minutes, I will be returning as soon as I see any regrowth!

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The Randle Crew said...

you are so good about updates! I am so impressed! And Payton is so dang cute I just want to sqeeze her...if she only like me some! Have a great week. hey are you going to rough Riders on Friday? Take care