Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Hue=New House

I've come a long way on the mistreatments since this post in just a few weeks! We (Lane) decided we should take the house off the market and I figured as long as we were staying, I'd change a few things to make me happy!

Here's the family room... You can't tell in the picture, but the rod is all the way up to the ceiling and the panels graze the floor. The material on the bottom third of the panels is what we're using to upholster the ottoman. We already had the rod, just moved it up a bit; some ring clips, hot glue, fabric and trim, and voila! Once the ottoman is finished, I'll post pics of the entire room.

This beauty is in the breakfast nook. Since the windows in both rooms are basically one big wall, I wanted them to compliment each other but still show separation between the two rooms. I decided to use the same fabric and trim, but change the technique. Pleats are tacked to the wall with upholstery tacks. I love that it still has some "looseness" to the bottom like the topper in the family room.

The downstairs bathroom was an easy fix! I changed the shower curtain and hung the little nest tassel over the towels. It's amazing how a simple switch completely transforms a room.

PS - I'm available for hire for a nominal fee ;)


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful!! Good job Courtney!!

elaine said...

It all looks so great! The pics are pretty but they don't do it justice! Great job! When are you coming over to help me with mine? :)