Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amazing Songs

I wish I would've found this in time for Mother's Day. It's a great reminder of the impact we have on our children, even in the mundane, day to day "stuff".

I love this song! It reminds me of my daddy whenever I hear it and it makes me think about Payton. (After the video, Steven Curtis Chapman explains how he came to write it)


YaYa said...

I've never seen this video before. Wow ~ what memories this brings back. I can vividly see you at age 4, standing barefoot on your Daddy's feet learning how to dance in the living room. Then, the "More, Daddy, more!" when he would twirl you around the room. I'll always cherish those crazy, exhausting, "Will I ever have time for ME again" days....I wish I would have really listened when someone told me how fast they go by...

keith.russell said...

I remember these days very well, too! I think you and I enjoyed the twirling the best, hours at a time! Then you spinning with your pleated skirt that would fan out, singing along with the song at the top of your voice, and that great smile!

I will always remember these days, and I'm so proud of how you grew up into a great lady, and a fantastic Mom.

I love you,