Monday, May 19, 2008


I said this no less than 2 billion times yesterday.

In just a short time, Payton has gone from crawling around in the living room to crawling EVERYWHERE! Pre-P, I loved how open our house is... not so much anymore. She's pulling on the curtains in the breakfast nook, playing in Scout's water bowl, playing in Scout's food (while he's trying to eat, poor dog), pulling up on the stairs, trying to climb up the stairs, looking at her reflection in the oven door (I'm telling her it's hot even though it's not on), and trying to go anywhere she shouldn't be.

I would tell her no, move her back into the living room, and she'd move on to the next thing. The above was repeated so many times I lost count.

The best part... She thought it was HILARIOUS! She'd stop what she was doing and just give me the biggest smile, bat her eyelashes, and sometimes, chuckle. It's hard to be stern when you've got the cutest little girl looking at you with her big hazel eyes.
This is her new flirty look... she squinches up her eyes and smiles!


Graham Fam Mom said...

Omigosh, that flirty look is hysterical and absolutely adorable!

YaYa said...

Hate to tell you this, only gets worse. Wait til she can run away from you, laughing the entire time! Send Love Bug to YaYa's house whenever you need a break ~ I miss her toothy grin already and can't get enough of that flirty look!