Sunday, May 4, 2008

Baby Proofing

Oh yall! I missed my sweet baby girl so much this weekend! The retreat went about an hour and a half over and I was sure P would be asleep by the time I got home. Much to my surprise, she was getting out of the bathtub with Daddy when I walked in the door! She had taken a late nap and Lane had to wake her up at 6:30. It melted my heart to see her absolutely light up when she saw me from the top of the stairs. Tears were flowing just looking at her as I was getting her ready for bed.

She sits herself up with such ease now. I'm amazed at how much things can change in 2 and a half days. P has been pushing up on all fours for awhile now. She started rocking back and forth, then bringing both knees up and almost leap frogging across the room, then moving one leg and bringing the other to it, or just log rolling to get where she needed to go. I've been watching and waiting for her to put all the movements together to crawl. Before I left, I told her that she better not start crawling while I was gone... yall know where it's going... she started crawling yesterday for Lane. When I tried to get her to crawl to me last night, she wouldn't budge. I tried again this morning to no avail. She was sitting up and I'd tell her to come to me and she'd lean over like she was going on all fours and then sit back up and stretch both arms out as far as she could to reach for me.

Since she's mobile, her new fascination is the light sockets. I'm planning on getting the plug covers out of the drawer and filling the sockets later tonight. I was hoping we'd be in our new house before I had to start this! I'm crossing my fingers that we can wait until the move to do the locks on the cabinets and the door covers.

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AFRo said...

*AWE* Just pretend you don't know she started crawling while you were gone. If she won't do it anymore, it technically doesn't mean she grasped it right?