Thursday, May 8, 2008

Girls Weekend Recap

Last Thursday, Jenni, Melissa and I left town about 1:00 and headed to Canton. We chatted the entire way down and didn't stop until we dropped Melissa off on Saturday evening.

We stayed at Rock High Ranch... a gorgeous bed and breakfast I found by some stroke of luck. The couple that owns it is so nice and it was such a peaceful, relaxing time. It was just what I needed!
Once we unloaded the car, we poured ourselves some wine and rocked and talked. It was heaven sitting there looking out at the trees, feeling the breeze, and connecting with two of the best girls I know!
After dinner, we came back and played checkers and drank more wine.
The ranch is over 200 acres. This is what we saw looking out our front door.
Jen and me in front of the Manor House.

The only TV on the property (in the Manor House). We had no idea a tornado was coming or had hit First Monday until we started getting texts from people in Dallas.
After we shopped in Canton for several hours, we headed to Pine Cove in Tyler for the Women's Retreat that our church put on.
The view from our door.
During our 1 hour of free time, we zip lined.
Now, L and I zip lined in St Lucia on our honeymoon and we were hundreds of feet in the air, but it's amazing what having a child will do to your nerves. I think we were *maybe* 35 feet up and it was super windy, but I was scared sitting there waiting to let go.
Once I let go, it was totally fine. In fact, it was almost lame ;)
Zip lining only took 20 minutes so Jen and Melissa took the paddle boat out and I sat on the dock in the rocking chair and just prayed and let my mind wonder.

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