Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Swap

I was totally envious of everyone's goodies from the Spring Swap, so I was super excited to participate in the Summer Swap. The rules were: $20 budget, preppy, and each letter of summer must be represented.

My partner, Cat's PJs, sent me an awesome package!

S is for famous recipe! Watch out, it's dangerous!
U is for UK! A cute pink cup to represent my alma mater.
M is for madras. You can't go wrong with a preppy headband.
M is for madras (again)! A great way to have a preppy cookout.
E is for elephantastic pink by OPI - my favorite!
R is for ribbons - on a polka dot memo cube... you can't get much preppier than that!

I had so much fun shopping for her package. It just went out yesterday, so I'll wait to tell you about all the goodies once she gets it.

I hope there's a fall swap... yall should sign up for the next one!!

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