Friday, May 9, 2008

Ready, Set, Decorate!

*Edited to add: Blogger's formatting is outsmarting me on this post*

Since finding the Nester's blog, I've been inspired to change the color scheme of our house. I am greened out! This is what I do. In college, I went through about 5 bedding ensembles and 8 shower curtains. I would love to do it now since I'm all about instant gratification, but I will hold off until we buy the new house. Plus, I would be sad to leave new window treatments.

I'm envisioning a warm, camel color on the walls with white/cream moldings. Accessories and window treatments will be in shades of robin's egg blue and cream. I've started picking up things as I see them. It always seems that once I need something, it can't be found. An added bonus is that it doesn't all hit the pocket book at once.
The first purchase was this tassel from the Nester's etsy shop.
I found placemats like these (in blue) at Ross for $4/4 (Got to love that!). I'm wondering if it's getting to be too much blue and if I should exchange them for cream or taupe.

I'm telling you, it's dangerous to look at Nester's shop! I saw this and had to have it! I love how it incorporates so many different elements.
I always need to have a large "project". First it was buying this house and decorating, then planning the wedding, then getting pregnant, then preparing for baby, getting ready to put the house on the market and now redecorating a house we don't even have! I love looking for ideas and filing them away for future use. If I could go back to school, I think I'd major in interior design instead of fashion merchandising.
We have a formal dining room with a full set of furniture that we've used once in the 3 and a half years we've lived here. I despise having to pull up chairs to our kitchen table when we have people over for dinner. For starters, the table only seats 4 and the legs are not easy to maneuver another chair around. I'm thinking about selling both sets when we move and buying one BIG table.
Maybe a long farmhouse table or something that seats 6 and has a leaf to accommodate 8 or more. I like the square tables that seat 8, but I'm worried about how quickly it will go out of style.
(not this exact one... not so much my style)
I also love the intimacy a round table creates, but it'd have to be huge and I'm not sure if it would fit.
Decisions, decisions... If yall have any advice, I'm open to it (places to shop, opinions on the table, etc)! Luckily, I've got time on my side to figure out what I want to do before we move.

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Graham Fam Mom said...

I will briefly comment....aren't you impressed...even commenting now! Wow, I'm moving up the ladder.

Love the placemats...gorgeous, gorgeous. But punches of vibrant color is completely MY style!

Love the idea of a huge farmhouse table but your family is growing and family dinners are in your very near future bc sitting together at the table with one, two or three kids around the same table at night is undescribably rewarding...where I'm going is a big farmhouse may seem like the movies where one person sits at the end of this HUGE table all alone. Will it be as warm and comforting and easy to get to the kids as you would like. Like you the round tables are my favorites but very hard to maneuver in a room sine they just don't build houses the same these days. My friends have a big rectangle table and they LOVE it. But going out of style is probably likely in the next few years.

There is my 2 cents!!!!