Thursday, May 8, 2008


I've been calling Payton Monkey since she was in the NICU. Why you ask? Well, when she was born, as with most babies, she was pretty hairy. But it was almost black... on the edge of her ears, down her back and on top of her bottom. Momma assured me it would fall out, but I almost took a razor to it. She also has super long toes! I have short, squatty, peanut toes... especially my pinky toe. P's pinky toe is almost as long as her ring toe... monkey toes, I tell you! She hangs on me almost like a monkey hanging in a tree. When we're sitting on the floor playing, she'll reach for me, grab my arm, neck, shirt, whatever she can get a grip of and pull herself to me and then swing around and land in my lap.

This morning Payton pulled up on the coffee table just enough to be able to suck on the edge. She decided that was not what she wanted and turned around and pulled all the way up on the couch. Her face is so cute when she figures out something new. Almost like "I'm a wonder baby and I know I just accomplished something!" I was folding laundry this morning and she was pulling up and crawling up my leg... like a monkey!

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Mandy Mae said...

Funny! In our house, Jack is the "monkey man" or "silly monkey" or just plain "monkey"!